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                时间:2019-12-16浏览:0编辑:摄影:    通讯员:设置

                报告题目:Emerging  Trends in Last‐mile Logistics: How green are they? The US Experience


                人:Professor Jane LinUniversity of  Illinois


                时  间:20191216日下午13:15开始


                地  点:彩神大发app下载管理学院506


                This talk  draws from my research in green urban logistics in the past ten years or so. In  this talk I will examine two major trends in last‐mile logistics in the US  largely in response to the rapid growth in ecommerce: electrification and  crowdsourcing/crowdshipping. I will focus my examinations on logistics  efficiency in terms of cost, energy consumption, and emissions. At the end I  will talk briefly about my view of the future of urban  logistics.


                Dr. Jane Lin  is full Professor of Department of Civil and Materials Engineering and holds a  joint appointment with the Institute for Environmental Science and Policy (IESP)  at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her research has three focus areas:  transportation emissions and air quality modeling and exposure, green freight  transportation and urban logistics, and computational transportation science. Lin has eighty refereed publications and over $4.72  million research funding as PI or co‐PI from various sources including the  National Science Foundation (NSF), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), and  Transportation Research Board (TRB). Lin is Editor of Transport Policy, and  Associate Editor of Transportation Research Part D: Transportation and  Environment. She also serves on the editorial boards of Transportation Research  Part A: Policy and Practice and International Journal of Sustainable  Transportation. Lin is currently the Vice Chair of the Section on Energy and  Environment that oversees eight TRB committees. Prior to that, she served as  Chair of TRB Committee on Transportation and Air Quality (ADC20) between 2011  and 2017. Lin received her MS and PhD degrees from University of California,  Davis, and BS from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. She was a post‐doctoral  fellow at the Harvard University Center for the Environment, Cambridge, MA  before joining UIC.